SEO on drupal

SEO on drupal in Easy Steps!

If you have a question like How to do SEO on drupal? or What Should I need to follow for SEO on drupal. Well... Here are simple and easy steps.

Here we go! You need some modules listed below. Go to drupal site and download.

Global Redirect

Searches for an alias of the current URL and 301 redirects if found. Stops duplicate content arising when path module is enabled.

Meta tags

Allows users to add meta tags, eg keywords or description.

Path redirect

Redirect users from one URL to another.


Redirect users from one URL to another.


Provides a shared API for replacement of textual placeholders with actual data.

What Next?

Now you are done! Yaa believe me, rest is depend on your keywords. How you think?, how much you are expert in keywords? Set your target keywords.Lets have an example of this page. This page will be displayed on google search result for sure. I am going to set this page with some keywords like... (I am writing these keywords in H1)

SEO on drupal

SEO for drupal

How to do SEO on drupal?

How to display drupal site on google?

Did you notice that some repeated keywords... like SEO on drupal etc. This is a trick actually.

Some SEO tricks for drupal

  • Keep meaningful title for your page.
  • Repeat your keywords at least 4 times in your page.
  • Wrap your keywords in H1, H2, H3 tags.
  • Submit your site to your favorite search engine i.e. google, yahoo etc. Its free!

Make your drupal site SEO friendly in easy steps

I am assuming that you've installed all of the above modules.
When you are creating your page, you'll see some new blocks in your page properties i.e. Meta tags, Description and url path settings

  1. Keywords: Use proper keywords in "Keywords" fields.
  2. Description: Use intelligent description in your "Description" field.
  3. URL Path Settings: Type very good url for your page. see on address bar for an example. Clean URLs must be enabled.

Remember one thing... SEO is a technique and SEO is a game of keywords. So Play On!

Thank you for reading. Your comments and techniques are welcome.

PS: My target keyword was SEO on drupal not SEO in drupal. Did you notice? This page is coming on first page. Try SEO on drupal on google.