Cross Domain Cookies

Hi guys,

I am here to discuss about super cookies. superCookies terms came from flash cookie but I wanted to use this name. So what is so special about this superCookie. Have a look.

  1. It can store large number of data.
  2. It uses localStorage (Thanks to HTML5). Flash local shared objects (LSOs) is a fallback if HTML5 is not supported; So this will work without HTML5.
  3. It can store data types (ie. array, object, number etc) if extended. (extended is a setup parameter - this will use flash internally)
  4. The most important. Cross domain cookies. You heard it right buddy... :) It can be used for cross domain cookies access. And Its secure. More or less. ;)
  5. Its just 3kb script.
  6. Its free... :)
  7. Let's find out how we can use it?

    Setup for superCookie

    Put this script in header.

    <script src="js/swfobject/swfobject.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
    //var superCookieSetup = {swfURL:"swf/supercookie.swf", expressInstaller:"js/swfobject/expressInstall.swf"};
    <script src="js/superCookie-min.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
    if(superCookie.isReady) {
        superCookie.setItem("library", "Super Cookie");
    } else {
        superCookie.onReady(function() {
            superCookie.setItem("library", "Super Cookie");

    Demo and Documentation

    You want it? Download! 

    Download from

    Please post your bugs at above location.