Flash, jQuery Components & Prestashop Modules

I've developed some flash and jQuery components and some prestashop modules.

Javascript Components

  • jQuery image dropdown
    Are you tired with your old fashion dropdown? Try this new one.
  • Prototype Multitype Combobox
    It has various type of dropdown in one script. You can create dropdown with checkbox, button, dropdown menu etc.
  • jQuery Common Accordion New
    Beautiful accordion made with jQuery. Its just 4 kb script. You can make horizontal accordion or vertical accordion or both.

Free Flash Components

My components are listed in adobe components directory: www.adobe.com/cfusion/exchange/index.cfm?event=authorExtensions&authorid=34917095

Free Prestashop Modules

  • jCarousel Module New
    JCarousel is an image slider. Best for displaying hot products or ads on homepage.
  • Extra Tabs
    Add an extra tab on product page. You can add N number of internal tab inside in it.
  • Currency as a dropdown
    Display your currency bar as a dropdown. There is an option to roll it back.
  • Block categories - Custom Menu
    This is a cool javascript multilevel categories menu.
  • Add to cart Extended [block cart]
    Very useful when your cart is ajax enabled. It adds an arrow with each addToCart button which have options "Add to cart and stay" and "Add to cart and proceed to checkout."
  • Product image enlarger
    Cool image enlarger, written in javascript works with you each product listing and homepage.