jQuery Carousel with hidden feature :)

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Yes! I was talking about this feature. You can have message box like above. See the source code for details.
You can modify message with your own CSS.

For your reference. I am adding initialized script. Dont forget to add script in header too. see main page.
What pareameter is required for this. Just three:- showMessage:true, messageClass:'.message', messageOpacity:0.8

<script type="text/javascript">
$(document).ready(function() {	
	try {
		var oHandler = $("#carouseldiv").msCarousel({boxClass:'div.set', width:516, height:198, scrollSpeed:500, showMessage:true, messageClass:'.message', messageOpacity:0.8}).data("msCarousel");
		$("#next").click(function() {
		$("#previous").click(function() {
	} catch(e) {