Javascript Super Cookie Download

Basic Save Objects/Data Types Cross Domain Documentation
Public Properties    
Name Type Description
isReady boolean Returns if superCookie is ready to use.
var isReady = superCookie.isReady;
remainingSpace number Return the remaining storage space in bytes, for the storage object - not implemented in this version
Public Methods  
clear   Remove all the key/value pairs from superCookie.
getItem   Get the value of item passed as key to the method.
var val = superCookie.getItem("library");
alert(val) //"Super Cookie"
key   Retrieves the key at specified index.
var key = superCookie.key(0);
length number Returns the length of number of items.
var count = superCookie.length();
onError   Fires if there is an error.
superCookie.onError(function(msg) {
onReady   Fires when superCookie is ready to use.
superCookie.onReady(function() {
     superCookie.setItem("library", "Super Cookie");
removeItem   Remove the key/value pair from superCookie.
var key = superCookie.removeItem("library");
setItem   Sets a key/value pair.
superCookie.setItem("library", "Super Cookie");