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10 Online Learning Platform for Beginners

Programming is a subject which is generally taught in school at either the college or high school level. For most people, this is where they leave off and if they continue programming ...

Posted 10 months ago - 68 reads

Bit bags 25M to bring microservices to frontend development

Israeli startup Bit has raised $25 million in a series B round of funding led by Insight Partners. Bit helps frontend developers collaborate and build component-driven software. The company has attracted developers ...

Posted 10 months ago - 57 reads

How New Technology Is Affecting Web Development?

Technology continues to evolve at an increasing rate as it has done so in recent years. New technological innovations appear all the time, making several improvements in various fields and industries. Web ...

Posted 10 months ago - 63 reads

Javascript: Deprecated and obsolete features

This page lists features of JavaScript that are still available but planned for removal. These features can still be used, but should be used with caution because they are expected to be ...

Posted 11 months ago - 67 reads

35 Animation Library CSS Javascript For Developer

Animation is motion effects set up for objects in HTML pages to attract attention and increase user experience when using the website. Usually animations will be created from HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, SVG ...

Posted 11 months ago - 73 reads

Data Isn't Important, But How You Consume It Is

More than 59 zettabytes of data were created in 2020 — 30 times greater in volume than generated just 10 years ago. How a company consumes data is a more significant determinant ...

Posted 11 months ago - 58 reads
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