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Author: Marghoob Suleman

Hi Guys,

Spamming could be fun or business for someone but we all are sick and tired of facing these spammers. If I could meet any spammer :)

Well, I believe; All problems comes with a solution. You just need to find a way. Here is a way to stop spammers on drupal site. Its totally effective for my site. I hope it will work on your site too.

Stop Spam on drupal - Its 100% effective

You just need to install following module and you are tension free!


What is that? Is it really help to stop spam on drupal? I say yes! 100% yes!

The Mollom service helps evaluate content quality, stop spam and lets you concentrate on building and improving your site. You can use Mollom for free, but you first have to install a plug-in on your website. This is really amazing. It works with almost all CMS software like Joomla!, Wordpress, Radiant, SilverStripe. It also available for Developer libraries i.e. java, PHP5, Ruby, Python, Perl, ColdFusion, .NET (1 & 2) & Zend Framework. What else? I think they cover everything.

I am attaching a screen shot for Mollom statistics.

Your suggestions and feedback are welcome.

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