>_Five things I've learned from my ex-(bosses)

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Author: Marghoob Suleman

Five things I've learned from my ex-(bosses):

1. Are you living by MESS? Not the one you're thinking of. This stands for Morning, Evening, Saturday, Sunday. Keep this to yourself. Learn something. Read something. - Ish Babbar

2. If your fundamentals are clear in any programming language, you can work with any language. Clear logic is essential. - Pratyush Shukla

3. If you have to choose between health or wealth, what is more valuable to you? Of course, it's health. So, what are you doing to keep yourself healthy? - Pawan Kumar

4. We are not selling flights or hotels; we are selling services. If we don't provide services to the customers, someone else will. - Dhruv Shringi

5. The year in which you haven't learned anything is a wasted year. - Himanshu Verma

6. Money is more important than love. - My Ex :)

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