Javascript Custom Dropdown v3.3

JavaScript custom dropdown - JavaScript image combobox

Are you tired with your old fashion dropdown? Try this new one. Image combo box. You can add an icon with each option. It works with your existing "select" element. I hope you'll like this.

jQuery + msDropdown



Tips and Trick

I am going to add here some of my tips and trick in javascript and if there is anything worth to share.
  1. Javascript - Pause a for loop
  2. Javascript - Override JavaScript method
  3. Javascript - Email extractor

Jquery MS Carousel 1.9

Namste! Salaam! (This is how we greet in India)

Why again a new jQuery Carousel? Well... I am not competing with another carousel but of course it has so many features.

jQuery Accordion Common - Horizontal & Vertical

Hello Friends!

Here I come with a new jQuery Accordion component. I know lots of accordions are available on the net. But I could not find the one, I was looking for.

Well... Whatz the difference then? What was I looking for? Not too much of glorification...

Hence, I ended up making one. It’s pretty easy piece of work and also easy to use. I suggest why you all don’t have a look at the following features I imbibed in my accordion.

Explore/Download jQuery Common Accordion...

Stop spam on drupal - A Solution

Hi Guys,

Spamming could be fun or business for someone but we all are sick and tired of facing these spammers. If I could meet any spammer :)

Well, I believe; All problems comes with a solution. You just need to find a way. Here is a way to stop spammers on drupal site. Its totally effective for my site. I hope it will work on your site too.

Stop Spam on drupal - Its 100% effective

You just need to install following module and you are tension free!


What is that? Is it really help to stop spam on drupal? I say yes! 100% yes!

The Mollom service helps evaluate content quality, stop spam and lets you concentrate on building and improving your site. You can use Mollom for free, but you first have to install a plug-in on your website. This is really amazing. It works with almost all CMS software like Joomla!, Wordpress, Radiant, SilverStripe. It also available for Developer libraries i.e. java, PHP5, Ruby, Python, Perl, ColdFusion, .NET (1 & 2) & Zend Framework. What else? I think they cover everything.

I am attaching a screen shot for Mollom statistics.

Your suggestions and feedback are welcome.

SEO on drupal

SEO on drupal in Easy Steps!

If you have a question like How to do SEO on drupal? or What Should I need to follow for SEO on drupal. Well... Here are simple and easy steps.

List of prestashop modules

Hi there,

You may find all prestashop modules from here. I'll update this time by time. List of prestashop modules created by me (marghoob suleman)

Free Prestashop Modules

  • jCarousel Module New
    JCarousel is an image slider. Best for displaying hot products or ads on homepage.
    Price: Free
  • Extra Tabs
    Add an extra tab on product page. You can add N number of internal tab inside in it.
    Price: Free
  • Currency as a dropdown
    Display your currency bar as a dropdown. There is an option to roll it back.
    Price: Free
  • Block categories - Custom Menu
    This is a cool javascript multilevel categories menu.
    Price: Free
  • Add to cart Extended [block cart]
    Description: Very useful when your cart is ajax enabled. It adds an arrow with each addToCart button which have options "Add to cart and stay" and "Add to cart and proceed to checkout."
    Price: Free
  • Product image enlarger
    Description: Cool image enlarger, written in javascript works with you each product listing and homepage.
    Price: Free

If you have any url of prestashop modules. Please share with me. I'll update here.

Thank you!

How to make Prestashop Modules?

I was also thinking like you. How to make prestashop modules? Where to start?
Ooops... I forgot to say Hi! How are you doing my friend? Smile :)

Back to topic; Believe me its really simple to create a prestashop module. All you need to understand how prestashop modules works. I've attached a sample module at the end of this article.

How to stop crackers / hackers to post comments on drupal site.

Hi Guys,

How to stop crackers / hackers to post comments on my site? I am using drupal higher version.
I delete almost 100 comments everyday :(
I am looking for a solution. Please help me. I've searched but unable to find an answer!

Thanks in advance.


A Solution!

Thank you all for your time and feedback. I've found a solution. Please read my another blog post Stop spam on drupal - A Solution. I am almost 100% spam free I mean my site :)

Thanks again

Your feedback please!

Hi Guys,

Please say whatever you think about this site. I would appreciate your time and feedback.


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