The Sponge Effect: The Crucial Role of Mid-Level Leaders

In the bustling world of organizational life, mid-level leaders—often with titles like Directors or Vice Presidents—serve as the vital bridge between the strategic vision of top executives and the day-to-day operations of the frontline employees. These leaders are the unsung heroes, ensuring stability, cohesion, and effective communication within the company. Think of them as sponges—absorbing shocks and passing on benefits to create a balanced, thriving work environment.

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Top 10 Reasons Why People Quit Their Jobs and How to Stop Them From Doing So

I have seen people come and go from companies for years, and I can safely say that it's not the company's fault. It's the managers who are the real culprits! Yes, you heard it right. Managers who are as pleasant as a root canal are the main reason why employees quit. If you don't believe me, just ask around. Or better yet, just keep reading.

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8 Tips to be the best at your job

Amidst the mundane nine to five jobs, we all wonder if we did land up in our dream job! Did we? Apart from being a pondering question in our lives, many at times we forget the other side of the coin. Dream jobs happen when we literally work for them. A simple calculation indeed – when we work well, we get good rewards and that brings in happiness. So our key here is to explore the factors that can make this possible.

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Hashtag CMS

Hashtag CMS is a Headless CMS as well as whole cms solution. Use it as Headless CMS or Bundled, API enabled, Admin Panel, Multisite, Multitenant, Multilingual, and oAuth 2.0. The most powerful, fast, user-friendly and secured platform. Made with PHP Laravel Framework.

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Javascript Image Dropdown v3.5

JavaScript custom dropdown - JavaScript image combobox

Are you tired with your old fashion dropdown? Try this new one. Image combo box. You can add an icon with each option. It works with your existing "select" element. I hope you'll like this.



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Tips and Tricks

I am going to add some of my tips and trick in javascript and if there is anything worth to share.

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Jquery MS Carousel 1.9

Namste! Salaam! (This is how we greet in India)

Why again a new jQuery Carousel? Well... I am not competing with another carousel but of course it has so many features.

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How to make Prestashop Modules?

I was also thinking like you. How to make prestashop modules? Where to start?
Ooops... I forgot to say Hi! How are you doing my friend? Smile :)

Back to topic; Believe me its really simple to create a prestashop module. All you need to understand how prestashop modules works. I've attached a sample module at the end of this article.

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