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Author: Nidhi Manchanda

Amidst the mundane nine to five jobs, we all wonder if we did land up in our dream job! Did we? Apart from being a pondering question in our lives, many at times we forget the other side of the coin. Dream jobs happen when we literally work for them. A simple calculation indeed – when we work well, we get good rewards and that brings in happiness. So our key here is to explore the factors that can make this possible.

1. Be a good listener!

Boss: Roger! You will have to make two tables for your data comparison and…

Roger: (cutting in on boss) there will be no need for comparison, we can go ahead with the new data in the future.

Sounds familiar?! Not following instructions is half deadly as not listening to the “entire” set of instructions.

Remember having large ears makes us a far better observant and enactor. We could be surrounded by people imparting knowledge from their experience. Every day is learning if we listen more often. There are studies cited, that, the managers keenly observe such traits as well. Candidates who are willing to accommodate and are ambiguous are always favorites.

2. Have patience

Hard work and patience are two sides of a coin in reality. Seeds sowed in a day cannot be reaped the same day! Having said all that, patience at work, patience in completing tasks is not only the employee’s manifesto but should relatively also reflect in the employer’s handbook. Patience is one of the strongest aspects of successful leaders. Being able to listen to the employees' needs and learning to work with them gives a catalyst reaction overall and brings out the best from all ends. Keeping head grounded gives way to creative solutions too! Rushing in on a problem usually triggers chaos and also misinterpretations.

3. Stick to the timeline

The employee of the month, quarter awards are bagged by candidates who deliver on time! Constructive learning and adapting to guidelines lead to completing tasks in sync with the expectations. Remember, tasks completed are half an achievement if not delivered within the timeline committed. Candidates who deliver tasks on time are most trustworthy. To earn your leader’s trust, the golden rule is to always deliver your projects on time with quality.

4. Be good to your team

It's more than simply trusting them. Team building is about creating a culture of people-centricity, where people who come together share a common vision; and are driven by a shared purpose. Great leaders embrace and expect the best from their employees, and are always ready to invest in their personal development. Hence, participation in team-building programs and events brings the team closer. Close knit teams deliver the best projects with innovation and creativity.

5. Align with the company's vision

Apart from hearing and miming the company’s visions, missions and achievements during induction and town halls, it is always a good idea to keep that learning by your side too. Setting goals and aligning with them helps to contribute to a growing culture. Take responsibility for issues that lack transparency and accountability. Employees are often intimidated by this responsibility, but accountability puts them at the threshold of responsible employees!

6. Keep learning new things

This should be everyone’s mantra for life indeed. Learn new things, learn new techniques, learn new learnings, learn, learn, learn!

The biggest challenge for candidates is when they switch jobs and realize the skills and experience they have are not appropriate for the new job or role. If you have the right mindset and believe that you can learn new things, then you can easily adapt to a different kind of job.

7. Be a solution provider

Have you experienced a meeting, where the company’s directors are asking for everyone’s opinions and perhaps new ideas before finalizing a new product? Many find themselves reluctant in sharing their thoughts or being vocal about their perceptions. However, this golden ball is seldom thrown at others! Take advantage of it and share your views, ideas, and doubts, questions all of it to completely engage yourself. This attitude is well appreciated. Keep your thoughtfulness and mind full of solutions and innovative ideas to be known and acknowledged.

8. Focus and participate

Be a leader and lead by setting an example. Get involved and help develop others. Share your skills and knowledge. Participation leads to pro-activeness which helps in being a great mentor to younger team members.


Among all points elaborated the final “nail’’ will always be in your hands. To achieve greater heights in successful careers you need to work hard, be honest, sincere to your surroundings, and be adaptive.

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