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Author: Marghoob Suleman


Hashtag CMS is a Headless CMS as well as whole cms solution. Use it as Headless CMS or Bundled, API enabled, Admin Panel, Multisite, Multitenant, Multilingual, and oAuth 2.0. The most powerful, fast, user-friendly and secured platform. Made with PHP Laravel Framework.

Laravel does not need any introduction. In case you don't know. Laravel is a web application framework with expressive, elegant syntax. We’ve already laid the foundation — freeing you to create without sweating the small things.

What you can do with Hashtag CMS?

  • You can create a site in just matter of minutes.
  • You can use it only for admin panel, and make your frontend tech in different tech stack, or you can use it as a complete solution.
  • For creating in different tech stack we have already provided api for that.
  • You can create multiple sites using one cms. You just need to configure site through CMS and of course in apache host.
  • Multi lingual support.
  • Multi tenant support. You can create amp site as well.
  • It has countries/zones/cities/currencies support as well. In case if you need it sometimes.
  • You can create site properties from admin panel.
  • You can manage user's roles and rights.

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